Ola + Ben – Destination Wedding Thailand – Preview

This Wedding, this couple. Perfect in every detail, even down to the very raindrops of luck that sprinkled down duringSee full post»

A very special Maternity session

8 weeks. We’re counting down the days at this point. It’s a surreal feeling for me. I always knew thatSee full post»

Hayley + Paul – Pre Wedding shoot, Singapore

These two gorgeous humans are getting married tomorrow, and I can’t wait to photograph their wedding!See full post»

Family photo on East Coast beach

Lifestyle family portraits at the beach in East Coast Park. Mei-Lin + Jon

The past few weeks have been hot, hot, hot here in Singapore, with a scorching sun blazing down in the humid tropicalSee full post»

22 Years

When I was 18 I found out I was pregnant and two months before I turned 19 years old my daughter Fredrica was born. ItSee full post»

29 Hours

Meeting your brand new sister can be a roller coaster of emotions. Just 29 hours old, she’s such a tiny preciousSee full post»


Family. The most important thing in the world for me. With 4 kids ranging 20 years apart from the oldest to theSee full post»

Alvin 3 months – Lifestyle session indoors

When you’re 3 months old, the world has suddenly become very interesting. Those heartwarming tooth less smilesSee full post»

Dr. Anousheh Ansari for Women on a Mission Singapore

I had the honor of photographing Dr. Anousheh Ansari and the charity luncheon that was organised by Women on a MissionSee full post»

Business Portraits

What a great time I had! Once a month I usually get together with some of my fellow photography colleagues here inSee full post»

Ellen at Sunset

Two days, two separate occasions. The first one, with the sun just below the horizon, casting that everlasting light inSee full post»

Ellen 18

The light! 10 pm by the water, sun setting in the archipelago in Swedish Lapland. And this girl. Gorgeous does not evenSee full post»