Family. The most important thing in the world for me. With 4 kids ranging 20 years apart from the oldest to the youngest, I very rarely have the opportunity to have them all gathered together under the same roof at the same time. These photos were taken the year before we moved to Singapore and my beautiful daughter stayed behind in Sweden. I treasure them beyond words. Life just happens so fast. They are a constant, always there, until one day, they have flown the nest. Independent and strong with their own lives, and all that silence that I wished for so many times feels too silent. Thank goodness for video chat and high speed internet. People that say fast internet is not important has never lived on the other side of the world from their child.

Sibling portait at the beach

Family portrait at the beach by Irina Nilsson Photogrphy

Three of the four boys/men in my life. When this photo was taken, the baby was still a surprise waiting to happen.

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