I have the best job in the world.
To be able to meet so many interesting and wonderful people by composing images through the lens of my camera.
What makes me happy besides having the best job in the world? As a Swede from way up north near the Arctic Circle, where winter is long, cold and dark and summer is short, cool and bright, I can’t get enough of tropical weather. White sandy beaches, warm waters and sunshine still feel almost too good to be true even though I have been living in tropical Singapore since 2013.
I am married to David and we have been madly in love for 20 years, this year. We are parents to 4 children, ages ranging from fully grown to toddler.
I have been working as a full time professional photographer since 2007, with my own company since 2010.
When I’m not photographing, I’m most likely in my favourite Rock Climbing gym, working my way up a wall. I’m obsessed with great storytelling, whether it is photography, movies, books or TV-shows.
My family is my rock, my steady place on this earth.
My secret superpower is that I am a certified CPR and First Aid Instructor. And I can bake like you wouldn’t believe.

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