8 weeks.
We’re counting down the days at this point.
It’s a surreal feeling for me. I always knew that having children very early in life might lead to this; my baby having a baby of her own while I am still immersed fully in a diaper changing, night waking, snot wiping period of life myself with my youngest still being under two years old.
People ask me how it feels that she lives so far away in times like these. The situation is not ideal, but it’s also something I accepted might happen when we decided to move across the world. And now we are where we are, on different continents, and I am as always so thankful for modern technology that allows me to keep up with her and see her through one of my screens almost every day. I am too far away to put my hand on her belly and feel the baby kicking, but through the wonders of digital life I can log in and see her almost every day. And in all this, I am still just a call away for advice about big things or small, and even though I can’t hug her close, I am here, always available.


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